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We design parks, gardens and landscapes – domestic, commercial, rural, municipal, educational, pious and commemorative. Our styles are boundless and encompass: traditional, contemporary, historic, themed, minimalist... formal, informal or naturalised. We offer design solutions that are committed to best suiting your lifestyle and needs, helping you to realise your aspirations. Our comprehensive service is multi-disciplined and embraces all elements of exterior spatial design and all aspects of the landscape industry. Our good working partnerships with architects, engineers, ecologists, archaeologists and other specialists ensure a thorough understanding of how all elements of a project interrelate and influence the direction

The design progression process


A consultation visit is the first stage of the process at the start of any project: this is usually site based. Client and consultant will discuss the intended scheme and investigate possibilities. The consultant will get a ‘feel’ for the project, advise on feasibility, offer technical guidance, explore avenues and suggest a suitable programme. It’s often possible to advise on estimated design costs following the initial consultation.

Site survey

Surveys accurately measure the site and record all influencing factors and conditions. Levels are calculated if required. This enables the next stage where initial designs are prepared as an overlay on the survey plan before being further developed.

Outline design proposals

Outline proposals range from sketch ideas to plans of the suggested site layout. Very often sketch plans for discussion are produced in the early stages, especially on larger projects.

Working and constructional drawings

These detailed plans and elevations are drawn to accurate scale and show the contractor how the site should be set out and how specific features are to be constructed.

Planting selection and planting layout plans

Planting selection must take into consideration ground conditions, aspect, hardiness and eventual size. Also colour co-ordination, contrast in texture and flowering periods must be considered to provide a good overall effect and sustained seasonal interest. Planting plans show correct spacing and often include a detailed schedule.

Detailed specifications and bills of quantities

These documents supplement the drawings and ensure that the correct materials and methods are adhered to at the construction stage. Contractors require this information to accurately price the project.

Fundamental accompanying documentation

To address factors related to particular sites and projects e.g. planning applications, funding bids, heritage restrictions, environmental legislation, etc., specific information and/or services are obligatory. These may include landscape character assessments, flora and fauna surveys, tree surveys, historic landscape research, site protection plans, advice/plans for protected and endangered species, control of non-native invasive species and much more...

We also offer a contractor selection service, tendering process, contract administration and project management. In addition establishment plans and maintenance schedules are offered.

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