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The initial survey records in detail the existing site layout and where appropriate, site levels. Important trees are recorded, soil is analysed and other site conditions are determined. The survey includes a detailed inventory and analysis.

Typical drawings include preliminary sketches for discussion, outline design proposals, working drawings, planting plans and construction drawings. On larger projects a ‘masterplan’ is suggested.


Harris Consulting fully recognises all aspects of public open space use and the policies and legislation that influence and/or constrain site design. Sensible proposals for new builds, improvements or refurbishment are offered for all types of green space – rural, formal, informal, naturalistic, historic, urban...Schemes range from tiny green pockets to vast country parks.


We can help you to optimise the potential of your outdoor living space to best suit your lifestyle and personality. The success of an outdoor space is determined and measured by the relationship of client and designer. We will listen to you vigilantly, collect information, advise on feasibility and assemble your ideas into realistic working solutions. Together we can fabricate a scheme that maximises your outdoor living experience. Our designs and specifications will help to ensure a successful, quality build.


We specialise in research for historic and listed sites, offering rational and considerate appraisals, recommendations for restoration, and proposals for improvement and preservation.


Design proposals for many types of structural projects include; railings, ornate metalwork, environmental sculpture, stiles, boardwalks, footbridges, revetments, timberwork, car parks and minor civils.


Well structured landscapes enhance and compliment offices, factories, industrial units, restaurants, shops, hotels, medical centres and other commercial property, creating an inviting ambience. Studies have revealed that carefully planned landscapes can improve business potential, increase property value and will portray a more professional image. Customers and local communities will appreciate the effort and detail afforded to providing attractive surroundings, and staff will benefit from a more pleasant working environment. The approach to such developments makes for a pleasant experience and is favourable to expectations.


Landscapes and planting projects for educational establishments are often designed solely for aesthetic reasons. However, landscapes can facilitate learning experiences that either support or expand the curriculum. Schemes can be specifically tailored to promote a range of topics including; botany, nature, geography, culture, taxonomy, history, biology, art and religion.


A sympathetic approach is paramount to the grounds of listed monuments, churches, cemeteries and other pious sites.


Initial consultation on site is an essential analytical exercise from which conclusions and possibilities are drawn.  The consultation is often supported by site reports, landscape character assessments, and feasibility studies. In some instances working drawings may not be necessary as instructive information may be sufficient enough to drive initiatives through to realisation.


Detailed bills of quantities and specifications will facilitate accurate pricing by contractors and adherence to industry standards in construction and materials.


Working in partnership with reputable companies to ensure expertise in transforming draught ideas and concepts into quality assured workable solutions.


We can offer all accompanying documents including; plans, reports, raison d’êtres, design & access statements, tree surveys, rare/endangered species protection and discharge of conditions. We can also act as agent to deal with the full planning application process.


Workshops, lectures, practical instruction and seminars are offered at your venue or ours. Courses or sessions can be tailored to your requirements. Personal tuition is also available.


The success of a project is not solely the quality of construction but must be sustainable and maintainable. Maintenance schedules show correct techniques and the required frequency of operations.


Detailed surveys will assess condition, value, etc. of individual trees; supplemented with recommendations for appropriate treatment (often essential to assist with planning applications).


We offer a procurement provision to source plants, materials, site furniture, features and artefacts. This is especially useful where projects are to incorporate specimen plants, architectural antiques and reclaimed or recycled materials. Clients sometimes request an escorted provision in choosing plants, materials etc. which gives them a greater participation into their own project.

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